SES INSPEKT, s.r.o. is a part of Group SES Tlmace, a.s. (

SES INSPEKT, s.r.o. was established based on SES a.s. Tlmace General Manager´s Decision No. 17/92 "Deed of Foundation" written in the Notary office in Levice on August 28, 1992 for a period indefinite with effect from November 12, 1992, filed under No. N 381/92, Nz 309/92. It is recorded in the Trade Register of District Court Bratislava I in Bratislava, insert No. 9877/Z and posses the Registration Certificate No. 623/23/6071/93. The founder of SES INSPEKT, s.r.o. is a joint-stock company SES a.s. Tlmace.

SES INSPEKT, s.r.o. is an independent economic, entrepreneurial, executive and legal subject within the joint-stock holding type company SES Tlmace which is entitled and able to conclude contracts of work performance and responsible for its own liabilities.

SES INSPEKT, s.r.o. is a company specialized for destructive and non-destructive tests, inspection and calibration of gauges, quality inspections, revision, counselling and consulting services in the field of testing, metrology and quality control systems.
The Company possesses certificates for these services according to national, foreign as well as international regulations and standards (ASME, DIN, AD MERKBLATT HP0, ISO series 9000) awarded based on audits done by local as well as foreign organizations.

In SES INSPEKT, s.r.o. there are four departments - mechanical examinations, defectoscopy, chemical laboratory and calibration laboratory. All the departments are accredited.
Description of activities is in document - Inspekt.pdf [3,09MB].

Organisation Chart

The Testing Laboratory provides destructive and non-destructive tests. For the mentioned services the Company is qualified according to the Act No. 455/91 of Dg. by a Business Licence. The Business Licence is filed in the Trade Register of the District Office Levice under the file No. 314/1993.

Accredited test of Testing Laboratory
The Testing Laboratory performs destructive tests (mechanical tests of steels, chemical analyses of steels and solid fuels, metallographic tests of steels) and non-destructive tests (radiographic, ultrasonic, dye penetrant and magnetic particles tests).
Non-accredited tests of Testing Laboratory
The non-accredited tests include ovality test, determination of solution concentration and density, oil tests, determination of solution conductivity, deposits analyses, waste and boiler water analyses, chemical analyses of bronzes and brasses, electron microscopy, determination of delta ferrite content, ultrasonic tests of tubes, visual inspections, thickness measurement and helium leakage tests.

The Calibration Laboratory is qualified for its activities based on Licensed Trade Deed.
The Calibration Laboratory is accredited in the field of length and pressure.
Non-accredited activities of the Calibration Laboratory are measurement of roughness, product parameters, calibration of angles, bubble tubes, cylindrical gauges, protractor, inside calliper, steel rulers.

SES INSPEKT, s.r.o. observes the rules given in the Articles of Association.
With regard the Testing Laboratory activities the Articles of Association are related to the Statute of Testing Laboratory.