Chemical Laboratory

Scope of individual tests is given in the annex to the certificate (pages 2, 3).

Accredited services

  • chemical analysis of iron based materials (raw iron, cast iron, steel, welded metal, filler material...)
    (C, Mn, Si, P, S, Cr, Ni, Mo, V, Cu, W, Co, Ti, Al, Sn, Nb, O2, N2)
    The mentioned elements can be determined from a sample in the form of chips or solid sample by a spark optical emission spectrometer (except for O2, N2)

  • analysis of solid fuels and solid biofuels (content of water, ash, volatile matter, total sulfur, gross calorific value and calculation of net calorific value)

Non-accredited services

  • chemical analysis of copper, aluminium and nickel based materials for solid sample by spark optical emission spectrometer

  • determination of As and B in steels

  • chemical and physical-chemical analysis of waste water: determination of CHSKCr (chemical consumption of oxygen by dichromate), BSK5 (biochemical consumption of oxygen), pH, NH4+, N-NH4+, soluble and insoluble compounds, NEL (non-polar extractable compounds), Ptotal
    It is also possible to determine other compounds in waste water based on client's requirements (Fe, Ca, Mg, Mn, Si, Ni, Cr, Mo, V, Zn, Na, K, Al, Pb, Ba, ...)

  • determination of some indices in waters for thermal power plants of working steam pressure up to 8 MPa - in feed water, boiler water and circulating water: conductivity (electrolytic conductivity), total and apparent alkality, hardness, pH value, Fe, Cu, Ca, end total Fe+Mn, SiO2, soluble P2O5, CHSKMn (oxidability)

  • chemical analysis of deposits in tubes of thermal power plants, chemical analysis of slag and ash of solid fuels: losses by drying, losses by annealing, SiO2, Fe2O3, Al2O3, TiO2, CaO, MgO, Mn3O4, SO3, Na2O+K2O, P2O5, FeO, Fetotal, R2O3, determination of individual elements based on client's requirements

Our instruments

  • Optical emission spectrometer SPECTROMAX
  • Spectrophotometer UV-VIS GBC 911 A
  • Calorimeter IKA C 2000
  • Analysers LECO CS-244, LECO TC-136, LECO CS-200, LECO TC-500
  • pH meter, conductometer WTW inoLab


    Title:Chemical laboratory - INSPEKT, s.r.o.
    Head of department:Ing. Maria SELKOVA
    Phone:+421 36 638 2187, 638 2186
    Workers:Zita Rumanová
    Phone:+421 36 638 2143, 638 2186