Defectoscopy - Non-destructive tests - NDT

Scope of individual tests is given in the annex to the certificate (pages 4-5).

Accredited services

iron based materials, aluminium - welds, base materials
radiographic testing - RT
iron based materials - welds, base materials
ultrasonic test - UT
iron based materials, aluminium - welds, base materials
dye penetrant tests - PT
iron based materials - welds, base materials
magnetic particle test - MT
iron based materials, aluminium - welds, base materials
visual tests - VT

Ultrasonic testing includes also ultrasonic thickness measurement - UTT.

Non-accredited services

  • leakage tests - LT (vacuum and pressure methods)

Certification of NDT personnel in accordance with: ISO 9712, Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU (PED).

Location of testing

Tests can be carried out
  • INSPEKT, s.r.o. or
  • any other place required by the client.

SES INSPEKT s.r.o. is a holder of permission to use and to transport sources of ionizing radiation including radioactive emitters Ir-192 and Se-75, within the entire territories of the Slovak Republic.

To carry out tests outside the seat of INSPEKT, s.r.o., there is used a mobile NDT laboratory allowing to ensure radiographic testing in more operative, more complex way and of better quality. After radiography of products, films may immediately be processed in a built-in automatic developing device, processed chemically and dried; radiograms can be evaluated afterwards.

Experience in NDT

  • numerous local and foreign projects performed by SES a.s. and other companies
  • plants: boilers, equipment for gas, chemical and petrochemical industries, components for nuclear power plants, waste incinerating plants, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, pressure piping, steel structures, etc.
  • products: welds, formed products, tubes and piping, forgings, castings
  • application of many standards: EN, ISO, STN, DIN, NF, ASME, AD Merkblatt, CODAP, AWS and others including various specifications of clients


Title:Defectoscopy - INSPEKT, s.r.o.
Head of department:Ing. Pavel VALKOVIC
Phone:+421 36 638 2170
Mobile Phone:+421 905 689 896
Workers:Ivan Havran, Michal Hansko