Calibration Laboratory

Scope of individual accredited gauging is given in the annex to the certificate K-054.pdf [399kB].

Accredited services

Deformation pressure gauges
(0,2-70) MPa
Numerical pressure gauges
(0,2-70) MPa
up to 2000 mm
Pasameters and micropasameters
up to 150 mm
Micrometric gauges
up to 1000 mm
Comparative scales
(25-1000) mm
Internal micrometers
(50-5000) mm
Inside micrometer gauges
(3-125) mm
Dial indicators
(0-25) mm
Measuring tapes
up to 50 m
Steel racking meters
up to 10 m
Cylindrical gauges
up to 300 mm
Snap gauges
(15-100) mm
Splineway gauges
(1-40) mm
Check rings
(15-100) mm
Feeler gauges
(0,02-2,00) mm
Deflection gauges with measuring arms
up to 100 mm

Non-accredited services

  • calibration of screw plug gauges for outer and inner screw
  • calibration of micrometric gauges over 1000 mm
  • calibration of calibration foils
  • calibration of control rollers
  • calibration of steel rules
  • calibration of squares
  • calibration of angle protractors
  • calibration of building spirit levels

Within accredited and unaccredited services the Calibration Laboratory uses reference and working etalons. In the case of unaccredited activities, he will provide the customer with proof of continuity with national standards. The Calibration Laboratory takes part in inter-laboratory comparative measuring within the accredited services i.e. in the field of pressure and length.


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